The Ultimate Scalper's Channel will work on any symbol and time frame. It can be used to either day-trade a five
minute chart or swing trade a daily or weekly chart. This indicator remains effective regardless of what
timeframe you are looking at. It is composed of three lines - a upper limit, a bottom limit, and a centerline.
Stocks will very rarely break the upper or lower limits (red lines on the graph), therefore these points make
excellent trade entries.

If price touches the upper limit short the stock.
If price touches the lower limit, go long on the stock.
Very user friendly and easy to use - but the results are fantastic!
Updated as applicable
Works with all Futures, Forex
Currency Pairs, and Stocks
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Now: $20!
Works on all timeframes
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Works with Think Or Swim
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Oleg A. Pozhidaev. This must read book is the perfect starting point for aspiring
new traders who are ready to take their skills to up to the professional level. It
takes traders through a journey where we learn the basics first such as how to
read price charts or common candlestick patterns. That information is then used
as building blocks in order to serve as a foundation of knowledge for much more
effective and complex trade setups. Readers will learn specific trade setups
(including suggested stop losses and price targets), how those setups work, how
to look for them quickly, and how to use them effectively. The trade setups
provided in this book have been proven time and time again to produce reliable
and consistent profits from the stock market.
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