The TICK Sub Panel is designed as a quick reference tool for day traders who typically trade index funds, index
fund futures, as well as market-correlated stocks such as AAPL, NFLX, TSLA, FB, TWTR, MSFT, SBUX, etc. This
study will display the TICK directly under your price chart allowing you to follow crucial market conditions and
respond to extreme TICK readings at a moment's notice.

The easy to read user interface will automatically mark bars green when they reach extreme TICK readings of     
+800 or -800 giving traders more time to react to anticipated market reversions in price. The indicator also
displays a clear yellow line at the +600 and -600 TICK levels in order to give traders an early warning of a possible
extreme TICK reading in the very near future.
Updated as applicable
Works with all Futures, Forex
Currency Pairs, and Stocks
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Works on all timeframes
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Works with Think Or Swim
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