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Stars Align
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Oleg A. Pozhidaev. This must read book is the perfect starting point for aspiring
new traders who are ready to take their skills to up to the professional level. It
takes traders through a journey where we learn the basics first such as how to
read price charts or common candlestick patterns. That information is then used
as building blocks in order to serve as a foundation of knowledge for much more
effective and complex trade setups. Readers will learn specific trade setups
(including suggested stop losses and price targets), how those setups work, how
to look for them quickly, and how to use them effectively. The trade setups
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The Stars Align indicator is a must have for traders. It is a momentum based indicator which does exactly what it's
name implies - it tells you when the stars (or in this case varying time-frame momentum oscillators) are aligned.
The indicator will display 3 dots for every single candlestick. These dots represent the 3 different timeframes in
which we measure momentum - the short term momentum, intermediate momentum, and the long-term trend.
The indicator will automatically measure these 3 momentums and paint the corresponding dot either blue or red.

A red dot means that momentum is negative for that timeframe.
A blue dot means that momentum is positive for that timeframe.

Knowing what the short term, intermediate, and long-term momentums are at any given moment is imperative
for trading, especially when using day trading and swing trading strategies. Before entering a trade long make sure
that all 3 dots are blue, so that you have the highest probability of stock price going up. If you are trying to short
a stock, all 3 dots should be red.

If at any time you see a mix of blue and red dots in a single column you should not trade the stock, as
the stars are not aligned and your chances for success aren't nearly as high as they could be. Only
take a trade when the stars align!
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This indicator is especially useful in conjunction with the squeeze trade, as it will quickly tell you underlying
momentum going into a squeeze which will allow you to determine whether it is a viable squeeze trade
opportunity or a false squeeze trying to bait you into a losing trade!
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