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The weekly information you will receive as a Market Prowler Member features trade setups which have been
historically proven time and time again to be both reliable and profitable. Our powerful trade setups and stock
information can help open your eyes to trade opportunities you might not have even known about before. We’ve
proven to our loyal customers just how useful Market Prowler can be, however, we understand that everyone is
different, so if our member’s benefits aren’t working out as well as you’d hoped, then you can cancel your
membership without any cancellation fees. There are no hidden fees or extra expenses, once you’re a member
you get access to ALL of Market Prowler’s Member’s Only content.

What You'll Get
As a Market Prowler member first and foremost you will receive access to the weekly Market Prowler Newsletter
which is posted on the Member’s Page every weekend, giving you enough time to review the information before the
opening bell on Monday.

Access to the Member’s Educational Page, where we post exclusive information about other powerful trade setups,
such as the $TICK fade, Carry Trades, Bollinger Band trades, Darva’s Boxes, and more. The Member's Educational
content is updated constantly, and new educational topics are posted on a regular basis.

Members will also receive access to the Trading Chat Room, where you can talk to other traders real-time, ask
questions about trade setups, what your stop loss should look like for a particular trade, information about stocks in
our newsletter, pretty much anything else you’d like to know about or discuss!

Discounted indicator prices! Market Prowler Members receive discounted prices on all of the custom trading
indicators you may have seen in our Indicator Database. You could save hundreds of dollars!
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