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*This table is for example only, actual compensation ammounts per indicator sold may differ due to PayPal Fees and
other costs as outlined by the Market Prowler Advisor user agreement. Full compensation breakdown table is
How it works
Market Prowler Advisors serve a crucial role in providing traders with the tools necessary to make profitable and
consistent trades in the stock market. By becoming a Market Prowler Advisor you will be able to effectively generate
passive income while helping others achieve their own trading goals!

After signing up, Market Prowler Advisors will receive a unique identification code which will allow them to sell our
custom trading software to clients all over the world. Your role will be to help traders discover the many wonderul tools
available in our trading indicator database. When a customer purchases an indicator from Market Prowler using your
unique advisor code, a portion of the profits from the sale will automatically be transfered to you.

We give all of our Market Prowler Advisors the tools they need to quickly and effectively sell our custom trading
indicators. With the tools available on the advisor's page you will learn how to leverage the resources at your disposal
in order to effectively create passive income as well as run your own business and be your own boss.

This is truly a unique opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to generate effective passive income.
How much will I get paid?
We support the entrepreneurial spirit and have created a compensation structure that provides ample opportunity for
growth and increased income. Market Prowler Advisors advance in levels based purely off merit and amount of
indicators sold. The higher your advisor level, the larger commission you will receive per indicator sale. All Market
Prowler Advisors start at Level 1 and advance in rank with more sales, the maximum being Level 11 which allots for
35% commission on any trading indicator sale. Below you can see a table* showing the possibilities for
compensation received depending on the advisor level you currently hold:
Sign up to be a Market
Prowler Advisor
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Receive a unique
Advisor Code
Help traders find
useful tools
Receive commission when
an indicator is purchased
using your unique code
Increase your Advisor
Receive bigger
commissions with higher
Tools to help you succeed
Market Prowler LLC wants to watch our advisors succeed and grow. For this reason Market Prowler Advisors will
receive information upon registering which will help them effectively advertise and sell our custom trading indicators.
We will teach you how to effectively market our software and automate social media resources in order to leverage
your business into a passive income venture. We will provide you with all the necessary videos, screenshots, and
trade examples in order to get you started effectively marketing our trading software to clients. The overall goal of this
program is for you to bring effective tools to traders in order to maximize profitability and compensation from the
stock market.
Want more information? Check out the FAQ page!
Click here to visit the Market Prowler Advisors FAQ page.
Tips to help you make more sales
Not sure where to start when it comes to selling software? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We want to help you
succeed in your business venture, so we have created this informational guide for advisors.
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