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Resources to help you market indicators more effectively
The most effective resources when it comes to selling indicators is using videos and screenshots of the software that
you are trying to promote. All of the indicators in the database come with ample screenshots of the software to help
you demonstrate their functionality to traders. Many of the indicators also include demonstration videos which do an
excellent job of showing off the functionality. We suggest you download the screenshots and link videos in your
promotional posts in order to make the indicators as appealing as possible to potential customers. We provide you
with all the necessary resources to market effectively - ultimately it comes down to how you want to run your own
business in order to generate the maximum amount of sales possible. The more indicators you can sell the more you
will get paid per sale!
Automating Twitter to sell indicators
Twitter is possibly the easiest social media platform to use when it comes to selling indicators effectively in your new
business. We suggest you open up a new Twitter account soley dedicated to selling Market Prowler Indicators using
your code. In order to automate the process and grow followers quickly you will want to use two methods.

First, you will want to connect your business Twitter account to an automated posting utility in order to generate traffic
and interest. We suggest using dlvr.it. With Dlvr.it you can link a twitter account to automatically post RSS feeds to
your profile whenever new information is released. The most effective topics are news related to business and
finances as it will drivr people to your twitter account who are interested in trading. For our example we have set up
dlvr.it to automatically post the RSS feeds of CNN Money as well as Forbes - Business to our account.
In order to decrease spamming twitter with too much information we suggest altering the settings so that each RSS
feed posts no more than 3 updates per hour. Having too many updates can cause spam and cause your account to
be annoying which will cause people to unfollow you.
Once your twitter is set up to stream relevant trading and business content, we suggest using a Google Chrome or
Firefox addon to automatically follow mass quantities of people in order to increase exposure. Following many people
will give you the advantage of having them follow you back - and the larger your account grows the more likely people
will be to follow you and read your posts. Once your twitter account has grown large enough in size you can start
posting tweets advertising Market Prowler indicators utilizing your unique advisor code as well. The more Twitter
follows you can generate the more traffic you will push to the indicator sales page which will increase your
commissions and allow you to create passive income for your business. Pinning a tweet advertising an indicator as
well as your unique advisor code will work extremely well too.
Using Facebook as leverage
Facebook can be an extremely useful tool when it comes to selling your indicators as it gives you even more
exposure on social media. When it comes to facebook it is suggested to post about successful trading every single
day in order to get people interested in the software you are selling, as well as create a recognition factor for your
Market Prowler Advisor status. You can create a trading group or talk to friends about successful trading tools and
show them videos or screenshots of the software that you are selling in order to peak their interest. We offer
screenshots of successful trades we have made (shown in the screenshots section at the bottom of any indicator
page) that you can use as proof of consistency and profitability from the stock market. We also offer a wide variety of
trading videos demonstrating our trading indicators which you can share with friends in order to increase their interest
in the products that your business is selling. Facebook can also be used to encourage others to read "The Intelligent
Trader" book which covers many of our Market Prowler indicators in depth - reading this book will increase interest
and make it easier for you to sell your software.
There are many subreddits dedicated to trading which you can use to market the indicators you are selling as well as
your advisor code. This gives you the advantage of many people seeing the various products your business offers.
Some of the more popular trading related subreddits are:

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