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How much will I get paid?
We support the entrepreneurial spirit and have created a compensation structure that provides ample opportunity for
growth and increased income. Market Prowler Advisors advance in levels based purely off merit and amount of
indicators sold. The higher your advisor level, the larger commission you will receive per indicator sale. All Market
Prowler Advisors start at Level 1 and advance in rank with more sales, the maximum being Level 11 which allots for
35% commission on any trading indicator sale. Below you can see a table showing the necessary sales required in
order to advance to a higher level, as well as the compensation you will receive based on your advisor level.
When will I be paid?
Market Prowler will pay your commission within 72 hours for any indicator sold using your unique advisor code. There
are no reserve levels like you may have seen with other companies - once we receive an order for an indicator using
your advisor code we will send you the commission payment via PayPal within 72 hours regardless of what the
amount is. The final commission paid out will be calculated post PayPal fees, there is also a 5% referral fee on all

For example, when a Level 11 Advisor sells the Buy/Sell Dots indicator to a customer, the customer will purchase this
indicator from the Market Prowler website using the advisor's unique code upon purchase. The customer pays Market
Prowler $187 via PayPal for the indicator. PayPal charges $5.72 in fees for this transaction, so on our end we receive
a total of $181.28 for the sale. After applying the 5% referral fee, the total is $172.22. We then apply the Level 11
Advisor compensation percentage to this, which is 35%, and send the advisor a commission of $60.28 via PayPal
within 72 hours. A small PayPal fee on the advisor end of the transaction may apply as well. We will do our best to
make payments quickly and promptly in order to compensate you for your efforts.
How do I know when I am promoted to a higher level?
Market Prowler keeps a database of all advisors and will automatically email you when you reach the threshold and
are promoted to a higher advisor level. This email will contain information regarding your total sales as well as the
new compensation percentage you can expect.
What Indicators can I sell to receive commission?
Any indicator inside the Trading Indicator Database is fair game for compensation. Whenever a customer purchases
an indicator using your unique advisor code, you will receive a commission for the sale. The more expensive the
indicator sold the bigger the commission payment. New indicators are posted regularly - check the database
regularly for any new software you are eligible to sell.
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How will I be paid?
All payments to Advisors for indicator sales will be conducted through PayPal and sent to the PayPal email you use
upon registration to the program.
Do I need to create an account to log in?
You do not. All Advisor information is stored within an internal database on our server. All communications and
information is conducted via email ( Once you register for the Market Prowler
Advisor program your name, email, and advisor code will be stored inside our server. When an indicator is
purchased using your Advisor code, Market Prowler will automatically calculate the compensation you receive for the
sale and send you payment via PayPal. When you have sold enough indicators to advance to the next level the
numbers will automatically be updated on our server and you will receive an email telling you that you have been
promoted to a new level as well as the new commission percentage you will be paid.
Do I need to make a minimum ammount of sales per month to stay in the program?
There are no monthly minimums to the ammount of sales you need to conduct in order to remain in the program.
Similarly there are no limits to the income you can receive for selling indicators - we will credit you for every indicator
sale you make.
Is there a monthly fee to remain in the advisor program?
There are no monthly fees, the $9.99 that you pay to sign up as a Market Prowler Advisor is a one time payment
which will give you lifetime access to the program.
What if I want to terminate my Market Prowler Advisor account?
If you wish to terminate your Market Prowler Advisor account you may email asking
us to do so. We will erase all your data from the servers and email you confirmation once termination is complete. If
you wish to re-sign up for the program you will need to pay the $9.99 processing fee again.

If you no longer wish to participate in the program you can also simply stop selling indicators with your unique advisor
code. If you make no sales you will not receive any commissions.
What if I forget my unique Advisor Code or want to change it?
If you forget your unique advisor code or want to change the code you can email and
we will work with you to resolve any issues.
Is my Market Prowler Advisor income taxable?
Your income as a Market Prowler Advisor is taxable and must be reported when you file end of year taxes via a Form
1099-MISC. By registering to become a Market Prowler Advisor you are agreeing to comply with all IRS laws and
report any income received.
Can I purchase indicators for myself using my own Advisor code?
You may purchase indicators for youself using your unique Advisor code, and you will receive commissions on the
sale - effectively giving you a discount for the indicator sold. However, due to possible system abuse of clients
registering as advisors simply to receive a discount some limitations will apply. If you purchase an indicator for
yourself the commissions will not be paid out until you successfully make an indicator sale to another customer.

For example Market Prowler Advisor Jake decides to buy an indicator for himself generating $40 in commissions.
The $40 will not be paid until we see a purchase from another customer using Jake's advisor code. If Jake
successfully sells an indicator to someone else, the commissions from that sale as well as the $40 from the self-
purchase will be paid out in lump sum. Jake can buy as many indicators as he wants for himself, however until Jake
manages to make a sale to another customer he will not receive the commissions from the self-order sales. This
stipulation is in place to prevent people from abusing the Market Prowler Advisor program.
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